Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome to the Gates of Retail Hell

Pistil Books & News started as an independent, neighborhood retail used-and-new bookstore in 1993 on Pike Street in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. We also carried zines and hosted readings and art shows. During this period we kept a journal at our front desk of all the strange and wonderful happenings and people the Pistil staff encountered while serving the public of this colorful and unique Seattle neighborhood.  And we loved selling books... but sometimes, because we stood too long behind the counter or drank too much coffee that morning, or we lacked sleep from pricing boxes of books after a major purchase the night before and were crankier than normal, we often found ourselves living in that unique life experience that can only be described as the "Seventh Ring of Hell". Read our catharsis here by clicking through the tabs above or the menu below, which we previously published in our store zine, Pistil Prose.